Fence & Deck Restoration

Fence and Deck Restoration
Carlson Precision Pressure Washing can safely restore the natural beauty to your wood fence, deck, pergola, or gazebo. We offer Pearland and the surrounding cities, a wood cleaning process that involves biodegradable chemicals and low pressure washing of 1000 psi. First, we apply a deep penetrating chemical into wood surfaces to kill mold and mildew and restore a natural look to grayed and weathered wood.  Then we wash the wood with low pressure to remove the dead layer of mold and mildew revealing a clean fresh layer of wood. Finally, we apply a wood brightening agent to bring out the original deep beauty. DO NOT let someone EVER clean you wood with a high pressure washer or an unexperienced service company you can end up with damage that cannot be undone.
Water Proofing and Stainning
The first step in waterproofing or staining wood is to clean it completely with Carlson Precision Pressure Washing Services special wood restoration process that we provide to Pearland and surrounding Houston cities. We must allow the fence to dry thoroughly for 1-2 days (depending on weather conditions) after the restoration process had ben completed or you may seal moisture into the wood, which could cause undesired results. We then apply Sherwim Williams waterproofer or stain  with professional grade tools that keep the application layer thin and neat. The finished product will look amazing for years to come and better yet it will preserve the life of the wood saving you money in replacing cost.