Frequently Asked Questoions

        What Makes CP Pressure Washing Stand Out Above 
        The Other Exterior Cleaning Companines?
We are devoted to not just selling jobs, but building long term relationships with our clients.  Every job is unique in itself, and my require a unique cleaning process to achieve the supreme result without damaging the surface to be cleaned.  We have been trained in exterior cleaning techniques to ensure that we deliver the best results utilizing the best chemicals and pressure washing to deliver maximum results. Carlson Precision Pressure Washing prides itself on spending as much time as necessary to ensure that a high level of value is provided and your 100% level of satisfaction is achieve.
        What is Soft Washing?
In the simplest terms, soft washing is a safer, more effective way to clean the exterior surfaces on your property.  Soft Washing is the use of quality detergents and low pressure to gently remove mold and mildew from the exterior of your home.
        Will Your Cleaning Solutions Hurt My Family, Pets,                 Plants?
  NO, we take all the necessary precautions before the job and after the job to ensure that no harm comes to our clients Family, Pets, or Plants.  We do this by prewetting all surrounding areas and vegetation that may be exposed to over spray during our Soft Wash cleaning service.  After the job all areas are thoroughly rinsed with clean fresh water to remove any chemical residue from the area and vegetation.
        Do I Have To Be Home For The Estimate or For The               Cleaning?
  Absolutely Not, We understand that our clients have jobs, and places to go, and people to see.  In these cases, we always give a courtesy call or text when we arrive at your property and when we leave, that way you are always in the "know" when we are on site and when the job is completed.