Concrete Preservation & Cleaning

Complete Concrete Preservation Package
Carlson Precision Pressure Washing is proud to be the only company in Pearland and the Houston Area to offer you a way to upgrade the appearance, protect, and extend the life of your driveway and concrete. This process replaces the rotting wood in your expansion gaps with our expansion joint repair product. Then your concrete is pressure washed using high temperature, high pressure for a deep cleaning that is unmatched. Finally, a commercial grade sealer is professionally applied which will strengthen, water repel, and protect it from stains. Your finished product will not only look great, but it will be protected for years to come.
Step 1  Install Trim-A-Slab
We will remove all wood and any other decaying existing expansion gap filler. All wood and materials are bagged and removed from the property. Then we will install Trim-A-Slab our expansion joint replacement product. We can install it permanently with an adhesive or removable depending on your needs.  Trim-A-Slab comes in a variety of colors and sized to meet your needs.
Step 2  Deep Clean Pressure Wash
With our state of the art equipment Carlson Precison Pressure Washing is able to clean concrete using up to 212 deg. F at 3,700 psi. The temperature and pressure will differ from job to job, as we will only use the safest and most efficient method to clean the surface in need. To give you an optimal clean we use a high grade surface cleaner.  Utilizing our Surface Cleaner, we are able to produce flawless results, an even clean, quicker than other pressure washing companies.
Step 3 Apply Ultra Thermal Reactive Sealer
Concrete is not only exposed to the elements there is oil, fertilizer, and other contaminants that break it down over time.  Carlson Precision Pressure Washing is an authorized applicator of Ultra Thermal Reactive Sealer , the best concrete & Masonry sealer on the market today. The #1 way to extend the life of your concrete is to have is sealed by a professional. TRS is only available to a select few contracts, we Carlson Precision Pressure Washing is proud to be among that group.